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NCG Members: Win a Registration to the 2015 Annual Conference

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You want to go the 2015 NCG Annual ConferenceNCG wants members to personalize their online profile…

There are all sorts of reasons why we want you to personalize your profile:

  • We learn what your professional interests so we can develop programming in line with your interests AND when we send personal invitations to programs, we know to invite you.
  • We learn what issue areas you care about—this informs programming and also helps us connect you to other members.
  • We want the Member Directory to be a robust resource that helps you find peers with similar issue area interests.
  • When members are connected it creates opportunities for collaboration, coordination, and cooperation which can further your work and increase the impact of your foundation.

While it doesn’t take much effort or time to personalize your profile, we decided to provide a bit of an incentive for you to do so.

Go to the Annual Conference on Us

That’s right. For one lucky member we will comp their $225 registration fee for this year's annual conference. This includes members who’ve already registered—we’ll refund the cost of your registration. 


There have to be rules. And here they are:

  1. You must be a current NCG member.
  2. You must personalize your NCG online member profile’s “Professional Interest Areas” AND “Areas of Interest”—be sure to read the tips on how to select tags, we ARE NOT looking for members to choose all the tags that are available.
  3. Your profile must be personalized by March 31, 2015 5:00 pm. At 5:01pm NCG staff will download all the members who fit the criteria and draw a winner.

NCG will announce the winner  in the April 7th Weekly Program Preview email that goes out to the membership.

Ready, Set Go!

So have at it. Personalize your member profile!

And, if you’re an NCG member who hasn’t logged onto our website before, check out the instructions on how to set up your online profile. 

And check out these pro tips on personalizing your profile.