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In Case You Missed It: NCG Members Making News

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With January now behind us, surely we’ve all caught up on the e-mail that was waiting for us after the winter holiday. And just in case some items fell below your radar, here’s a round up of NCG members who were recently in the news and making some...

NCG Interviews Nayantara Mehta About Upcoming Program on Funding Progressive Groups: Managing the Risk

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NCG interviews Alliance for Justice Senior Counsel Nayantara Mehta on a program designed to help funders and social justice organizations manage "sting" operations, attacks on their organization, and the potential media firestorms that follow.

A Conversation With Van Jones: Understanding Movement Building–The Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and Philanthropy

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Last month NCG was excited to partner with the Mitchell Kapor Foundation to present Van Jones. Van discussed Occupy Wall Street, Philanthropy and other political movements at work in our country today.


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