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NCG Member Offers Ideas for Moving Forward on Immigration

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NCG Member Cathy Cha's opinion piece in today's Sacramento Bee on California's pro-active approach to immigration.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday turned down an opportunity to bring more compassion and common sense to U.S. immigration policy. This is a serious mistake that will perpetuate the pain of exclusion for many people who are deeply rooted in our communities.

From the time the Obama administration first announced it would provide deportation relief through “deferred action,” a strong consensus emerged from top legal experts that the White House was standing on firm constitutional ground. What’s more, the refusal of Congress to take any action on this issue made this relief, while partial, an absolutely essential step.

Fortunately, California offers a model for thoughtful action on immigration in the absence of leadership in Washington. In the past several years, California policymakers have enacted a variety of laws to expand immigrant rights.

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