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NCG Member Dropping ‘Program Areas’ for a Well-Rounded Approach to Poverty

Monday, February 1, 2016

The James Irvine Foundation is making adjustments to its grantmaking practice. In his January letterPresident & CEO Don Howard, who began his position at Irvine in October 2014, says the new focus will continually change as it advances its new goals.

"At Irvine, we have concluded that we have a responsibility to focus more of our efforts and our grantmaking on the millions of Californians who deserve greater opportunity to achieve economic success for their families and to meaningfully participate in an effective democracy. Our goal is to build on what we’ve learned from our grantees, increase our focus and our integration, and invest our grantmaking resources to have even greater impact on our state’s most pressing problems."

According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Irvine will no longer have program areas and will take a rounded approach tackling poverty as its main grantmaking focus.

Learn more about The James Irvine Foundation’s evolving focus.

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