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NCG Interim President and CEO David Greco: Message to the Membership

Monday, January 13, 2014
With a new year, come new changes and new opportunities. As I step into this role as Interim President and CEO for Northern California Grantmakers, I am acutely aware of the opportunities and challenges facing our members, the nonprofits we support and the communities we serve. Now is not the time to step back, and at NCG we will continue to move forward on all fronts.
With the unprecedented shifts in funding, especially from government, and the continued economic uncertainty, we must develop new and innovative ways to increase funding to support programs and organizations that contribute to healthy, vibrant and just communities. To ensure our members and grantmakers at all levels are informed on key issues, have the skills and knowledge, and have access to the latest resources, we will not only be offering new and expanded services and programs for grantmakers but programs that are tailored to the specific needs of grantmakers at different levels.
We recognize that ensuring the long term viability of the sector will require a committed effort that involves government, funders, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations. And, therefore, we continue to work on building a space for collaborative efforts among grantmakers to address key issues facing our communities. NCG will also be deepening our partnerships with other regional associations, grantmakers, affinity groups, government agencies and community based leaders both here in California and across the nation to advance our strategic goals.
We are also improving the way we work as an organization. We are implementing a new knowledge management system to better serve our members and offer visitors to our website an enhanced experience. We will be moving our office to a new and improved location that will allow us to host workshops, trainings, and meetings in our space. And of course we are moving forward on the process to hire a new President and CEO who will lead NCG into the future.
I am particularly excited about this opportunity because I believe NCG can offer a unified voice for philanthropy in northern California, serve as a champion to the great work being done by our members, and be a leader in developing new approaches to more effectively link philanthropy to outcomes. During my time here, I look forward to working with all of you to advance the work of philanthropy and to ultimately help our members increase their impact and effectiveness in our local communities.
Thank you,
David Greco
Interim President & CEO
Northern California Grantmakers