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NCG Board Chair on Leadership Transition

Thursday, December 19, 2019

By Allison Magee, NCG Board Chair and Executive Director, Zellerbach Family Foundation

When Ellen told me about the incredible opportunity waiting for her in Boston, my response was, well, complicated. My first reactions were joy and excitement for a friend and colleague who had been offered a dream job in the place where she feels like her most authentic self. These were followed closely by a sadness for the loss of a valued leader to Bay Area philanthropy. But mostly, I and the rest of the NCG board feel an overwhelming sense of pride.    

In partnership with the staff, Ellen has transformed NCG into a critical and respected member of the Northern California philanthropic community and a thriving organization. The board holds the highest confidence in the abilities of the staff and while we hate to say goodbye to Ellen, it is clear the NCG team is well poised to enter into the next phase of its evolution.   

The next few months will be busy! The board is forming its transition and search committees; we are committed to an open and transparent recruitment and hiring process that is steeped in NCG’s core values of equity and inclusiveness.  We welcome your thoughts and input as we move ahead and look forward to celebrating Ellen’s contributions and her exciting next adventure with you on February 25th.

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