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NCG Annual Conference: Call for PhilTalk Speakers

Monday, February 23, 2015

Northern California Grantmakers is designing a 2015 NCG Annual Conference experience in which ideas are transformed into action. Attendees will do more than just listen—we will engage with one another directly to coalesce around real-world approaches to the challenges we are confronting as a philanthropic community.

But before we can take action, we need inspiration.

We need a PhilTalk.

What’s a PhilTalk?

A PhilTalk is a 15-minute presentation that explores an idea, solution or approach to a challenge we are confronting in our philanthropic work.  Speakers are encouraged to make their presentations engaging through the use of visual images, stories, and other means. Think TEDTalk, but for philanthropy.

We are looking for PhilTalk speakers to deliver presentations at the NCG Annual Conference that align with the themes our conference is focusing on—the dramatic changes underway in the Bay Area and how philanthropy can/is responding. For example: 

  • Is your organization addressing the housing crisis in an innovative way?
  • How are you supporting the communities being left behind under ACA implementation?
  • Is your organization planning for the changing demographics in our region?
  • How are you addressing nonprofit displacement?

Please note: you are not limited to the topics above. We are exploring various topics including: housing, workforce development, Boys and Men of Color, health, immigration, education, income inequality and sustainability.


Each PhilTalk breakout will host on average 40 conference attendees. PhilTalk speakers will have 15 minutes to make their presentation. This will be followed by a facilitated group exercise to process the presentation and develop a potential action plan to build on the ideas and approaches discussed in the talk. To increase engagement, several Phil talks will be presented twice, in back-to-back sessions.

PhilTalks should be designed to inspire, provoke and motivate attendees to discuss a problem and think together about how we might solve it.

Submit a PhilTalk Proposal

We invite you to submit an idea for a PhilTalk. Send us a brief description of your PhilTalk idea. Presentations that incorporate imagery and sound are encouraged, as are “tag team” presentations that demonstrate multi-sector engagement (e.g., a funder and a grantee talking about an innovative partnership, a crowd-sourced, funded idea brought to life with multiple voices on stage, a foundation and a media partner describing a public awareness campaign, etc.).

AND, we encourage you to share this opportunity with your grantees, partners or others you know who are doing great work.

Join us. All PhilTalk proposals are due by March 27, 2015.  

Please note: the deadline for submitting a PhilTalk proposal has passed and the links to the submission form have been deactivated.

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