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NCFP In-Person Webinar Viewing: Q&A with NCG’s Phuong Quach

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This year NCG has begun hosting in-person webinar viewings for the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s (NCFP) monthly webinar series. Why host in-person gatherings for a webinar? NCG Director of Member Engagement Phuong Quach has the answers.

Q: First, what is the NCFP monthly webinar series?

A: Each month NCFP hosts a webinar that focuses on an aspect of family philanthropy.  On June 11th, the webinar will explore how family foundations can partner with community foundations.

Q: How can NCG members participate?

A: NCG has an organizational membership with NCFP. That means that our members who qualify for NCFP membership are granted access to not only their monthly webinar series, but NCFP’s online knowledge center.  In order to be qualified for these benefits, you need to be a NCG member and a board or staff of a family foundation. Since we know that more than just our family foundation members want access to the webinars, we are offering viewing events for open to ALL members.

If NCG members have questions about accessing NCFP’s site, they should contact Jason Born at

Q: If members can participate via their own computer, why is NCG hosting in-person viewing parties for the webinars?

A: The answer is two-fold.

First, NCG’s Family Philanthropy Exchange (FPE) is one of our oldest peer networks and thus the FPE has a long history of gathering to connect, share, and learn. The in-person viewing parties are a great way for members to do all those things. NCG provides the space, the technology to watch the webinar, and members get to spend a bit of time together watching the webinar and discussing it afterward.

Second, while NCG has an organizational membership with NCFP, not all our members are eligible for NCFP access. For example, the June webinar topic would definitely be interesting to members who work at community foundations. The in-person viewing party allows those members an opportunity to view the webinar despite being ineligible for NCFP access on their own.

Q: Sounds great. Any final thoughts?

A: We hope you’ll join us for the next in-person viewing party. And let us know what you think—if there is anything we can do to improve your experience. That’s what we’re here for!


Learn more about the June 11th NCFP webinar and in-person viewing party.

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