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Navigating Together in a Perfect Storm: Q&A with Ellen LaPointe

Monday, March 28, 2016

1. What does the Power of Now say to you?  Where’s your now?

We are in the midst of a “perfect storm.” The rapid and disruptive change fueled by the current economic boom on our region, the discourse and trajectory of the presidential elections and political climate in Washington, and the emergence of highly-energized movements in response to ongoing, pernicious racial and social justice issues are happening all around us. 

There seems to be agreement that we really are in a “moment,” of sorts. The unique convergence and urgency of the circumstances affords us a real opportunity  if not a mandate  to break from our usual ways of doing business to effect meaningful, sustained change. This opportunity will not be here forever  or even for that much longer, in fact. The time to act is NOW.

2. If this conference were a launching pad, where would we go from here?

Ideally, this conference will launch us into a deepening community conversation about how to act collectively and powerfully in response to the moment we are in. It will inspire participants to break from traditional ways of doing business when warranted to take strategic action now, in accordance with the urgency of matters at hand. New partnerships will emerge that extend outside our sector to include business, government, and community-based colleagues. Ultimately, our response(s) will be timely, effective, and durable.

3. What’s the regional, national, global connect for you on this theme?

The conference is designed to illuminate the connections and collective impact of the forces we will be discussing. The implications of the change at hand and our individual and collective responses to it have the potential to impact our region, nation, and global community for generations to come.

4. Your biggest fear about May 25?

Having to turn people away! That is always hard to do.

As for the conference itself, we want to make sure we attend as much to a discussion of potential approaches to the challenges we are facing as we do setting the stage for what is happening and what is at stake. I will be disappointed if that balance is not achieved.

5. What will a smashing success look like?

Attendees have the opportunity to think deeply together about the opportunities and stakes of the current historic moment we are in and plant the seeds for 2-4 meaningful collaborative relationships. I hope we meet new people, have some fun together and leave inspired and energized, with smiles on our faces.


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