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In Mixed Company

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

As you know, NCG hosts a wide range of programs all throughout the year on various issues impacting our community and the philanthropic sector. We also host opportunities for professional development and skill building for grantmakers and philanthropists.

What you might not know is that we also gather our members together for peer networking opportunities. These are more informal gatherings that brings together like-minded members who have a shared interest. Often times, these peer networks are member-led. Two examples of exisitng NCG peer networks include the Mad Hatter's Network and Communications Salon. Mad Hatter's is a network of members who work in small foundations and find themselves wearing many hats –juggling many responsibilities from HR, to bookkeeping, to grants management, board dockets, etc. The Communications Salon is a network for  all foundation Communications staff and Communications staff that work within the field of philanthropy. 

Next month, we will bring together a new peer network we’re calling “Mixed Company.” This peer network is designed for staff who work in foundations where they are doing both fundraising as well as grantmaking. Organizations who might be interested include: community foundations, public charities, operating foundations, donor advised funds, giving circles and nonprofit intermediary organizations. 

If this is you, please join us for an informal lunch discussion on August 11th

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