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Major Shifts in Corporate Community Investment!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Global best practices for corporate social investment have a lot changed over the last twenty years from ad hoc donations to vastly more strategic approaches. The returns need to be accounted for in society–not only in a bottom-line standard.

Corporate Citizenship’s (CC) latest global research which included participation from Amway, Unilever, Kellog’s, Microsoft Asia, Rolls-Royce, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Kraft Foods Group and Cisco among others, analyzes the popularity of flagship programs in spearheading social investments from corporations.

The flagship approach includes focusing on activities and resources in a targeted manner in order to ensure success. In their research, CC identified five characteristic of such an approach which can ensure not only program survival and success for business, but can ensure positive societal impact.

The Five Critical Success Factors:

  1. Purpose: What the program aims to achieve and why achieving this goal makes sense for the organization.
  2. Space: The specific niche within the most relevant societal, environmental or economic issue that the program will focus on.
  3. Resources: The financial and non-financial contributions that are allocated to the program over time including internal and external resources.
  4. Impact: The measurement and impact assessment framework that will guide the management of the program and the evaluation of its success.
  5. Story: The core messages of the program and how to reach the key audiences in them.

NCG's upcoming offering, Strategic Corporate Philanthropy: Designing Community Programs for Impact. This program will take place in San Francisco as well as Mountain View providing Bay Area companies multiple opportunities to access the latest information on corporate social responsibility best practices.

During the program, we will examine:

  • The critical elements of a successful “flagship” strategy.
  • Learn from the experience of companies like Unilever and Microsoft about community programs that have impact.
  • Learn about how much this approach can differentiate your company’s philanthropy and social investment.


Register for San Francisco, CA location.

Register for Mountain View, CA location.

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