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Knowledge is Power: The Effects of Income Inequality on Nonprofit Organizations

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Back in April, NCG's Annual Conference focused on income inequality in the Bay Area. Why? Because we recognized that income inequality was an issue that we couldn't ignore. Because every day there is a new story about how communities, neighborhoods, and businesses were affected by the rapid transformation of the economic landscape.

On November 6th members will have another opportunity to explore this issue at the upcoming NCG program Addressing Displacement of Nonprofit Organizations

Should I Attend This Program?

I don't fund economic development.

No matter what your funding priorities are, you can be sure that this issue is affecting your grantees. It's affecting your grantees' rent. It's affecting your grantees' staff. It's affecting your grantees' ability to do their work. It's affecting the communities your grantees serve and that means it's affecting the impact of your work. 

Knowledge is Power

So what should I do?

The School House Rock adage is true: knowledge is power. Even if addressing income inequality isn't one your of funding priorities, you can still learn as much as possible about the issue in order to better inform your grantmaking practice.

Come learn about the challenges nonprofits are facing. 

Come learn strategies nonprofits are using to address displacement.

Come learn how Philanthropy might assist nonprofits facing displacement.

Come join us!


Learn more about the November 6th Addressing Displacement of Nonprofit Organizations program.



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