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Just for Fun: Q&A with Tabitha Tapia

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This Just for Fun blog features NCG member: Tabitha Tapia, Multicultural Fellow for Community Development at The San Francisco Foundation. Tabitha truly understands the value of community and having a good time. Since the start of her fellowship in July 2014, she has created her own listserv to promote events for our philanthropic community and organize happy hours to highlight all the hot spots in San Francisco and Oakland. We sat down with Tabitha to learn more about her and what inspired her to keep us all connected.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to The San Francisco Foundation (TSFF).  

I graduated with my MPA from the University of New Mexico last spring and had submitted my job application to The San Francisco Foundation for the Multicultural Fellowship Program prior to graduation. I received the job offer two weeks after graduation and moved from Albuquerque a month later. 

I had set my sights on moving to San Francisco at least three years before accepting the job opportunity and I haven't been disappointed. The Bay Area is beautiful! I've had fantastic experiences and have met amazing people.

I'm passionate about social justice and have had the opportunity to manage affordable housing programs in New Mexico. I now have the great privilege of working in an arena that continues to fulfill that passion—philanthropy. I enjoy meeting new people and am definitely not a homebody. I like to visit all parts of the Bay Area for recreational, cultural, and social activities. 

What inspired you to create a weekly happy hour listserv for our philanthropic community? 

Since I was new to the Bay Area, I was inspired to create weekly events because of my desire to both meet new people and bring people together–creating community. I see these weekly gatherings as sharing, learning, and networking opportunities for practitioners in the philanthropic community. I'm a connector and I like to convene people because  everyone has different perspectives, experiences, and knowledge bases they can offer to others and from which we can all learn. The "word of the day" is collaboration and these events are a means to that end. 

How many people are on your listserv?  How does one get included?

Currently it consists of over 60 individuals. All one has to do is ask me to add them to the list by providing me with their e-mail address. You can email me at:

What kind of events are you promoting?  What kind of turnout are you seeing?

I like to promote professional development and networking opportunities; fundraising events, arts and culture affairs, and any occurrences that listserv participants or their friends/associates would like to share. Some examples of activities that have been shared with the group include Hella Heart Oakland fundraising events such as the Warriors and A’s games, Greenlining Institute’s Academy Graduation and Celebration, the production of Heart Shaped Nebula by NCG’s own Marisela Treveno Orta, EPIP happy hours,The San Francisco Foundation’s Building Inclusive and Equitable Communities symposium, farewell or welcome gatherings for listserv friendsthe list goes on and on.

I like activities that are held all around the Bay Area. I organize weekly happy hours if there isn’t a particular event to promote to listserv members. I make it a point to alternate the weekly gatherings at various locations between Oakland and San Francisco to bring some convenience and diversity to the members.

We’ve seen more than 25 listserv members and their friends participate in any one of the many exciting events. Our group has also contributed to selling or maxing out some events and has allowed fundraisers to reap larger returns on their event investments.

What are some of your favorite happy hot spots?  What makes a good happy hour deal?

I generally solicit ideas from the group for different places to try or events to attend. The more suggestions the better!

What's your cocktail of choice?

I’m a classic white wine kind of gal, but I won’t discriminate against a red.

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