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Just for Fun: Q&A with Grantmaker Fashionistas

Friday, May 2, 2014
Just for Fun is a new NCG blog feature dreamed up by Director of Member Engagement Phuong Quach. In this edition Phuong interviews NCG Board members Fatima Angeles and Jeff Malloy–two NCG members with impeccable fashion sense.
A splash of Spring: Fatima Angeles and Jeff MalloyIt’s springtime!  And when I think of spring, I think of fashion.  In much of the country it’s the season to de-layer. Get rid of the thick coats and keep the scarf at home! Here in the Bay Area, we may still need the coat and scarf but we can add a splash of color to same old business casual outfit.
Over the past year, I’ve been taking careful notice of two fashion-forward NCG board members, Fatima Angeles and Jeff Malloy.  Not only are they leaders for our sector, they’re also leaders in setting fashion trends.
I thought it would be fun to dig in a bit deeper and find out a bit more about unique styles, how they put it together and where they find inspiration.

Q&A with California Wellness’ Fatima Angeles

Q: You accessorize so well.  Tell us why you like pearls and what your other favorite accessories are?
Fatima Angeles: I fell in love with pearls during a trip back home to the Philippines. Gold south sea pearls are cultured in the region and they are gorgeous. While there, I realized that pearls are not just for grandmas and that I’d been missing out all of these years! I am partial to Tahitian pearls because their black/silver/peacock green coloring goes well with, well, everything. I prefer baroque shapes because they are more interesting than the perfectly round ones. Right now, I wear pearls with everything – suits for work with jeans and a T-shirt for the weekends.
Q: What are some of your favorite bargain shopping tricks?
FA: Everything pretty much goes on sale so why not wait? I have also heard this great advice: When you buy one new item, donate/toss one from your closet. It’s good advice, even though I’ve yet to follow it.
Q: You’re a busy mom and career woman.  How do you find time to shop and keep your look so fresh and hip?
FA: I don’t know about being fresh and hip. I just try to not embarrass my children. One morning, my son looked at my work outfit and asked if I was working from home. So you see – I can’t really get away with a T-shirt and yoga pants when I have to go outside of the house. The children won’t let me.
Q: Who has the best look in Hollywood?  Why?
FA: I’d like to instead offer a very stylish person from across the Atlantic. I think Emmanuelle Alt (French Vogue’s editor-in-chief) is pretty fabulous. Blazers and skinny pants. It works.
Q: What are the 3 must haves for all women?
FA: Black blazer, white jeans, black pumps. And a string of pearls!

Q&A with the Irvine Foundation’s Jeff Malloy

Q: You use an iPhone cases as a fashion accessory -coordinating the cases with your outfits.  Please explain more.
Jeff Malloy: When I first bought an iPhone, I was paranoid about dropping it, so I bought a sturdy case for it. Then, I started noticing the huge variety of cases that I’d see at work, on the subway, etc. So, I started scoping out sources for other, less expensive cases so I could have some variety. I found that dollar stores, e-Bay and Amazon are all great places to pick up cases really cheaply! Also, street vendors are great sources. I’ve bought cases from street vendors in San Francisco, Mexico City, New York, Madrid and Bangkok!
Q: What do you think is the most common fashion mistake among men?
JM: The most common one  is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. The look now (and has been for some time) is a crisp, tailored look. So why are most men still walking around wearing clothes that hang off of them like potato sacks?
Q: Where do you like to find unique finds?  What are your bargain shopping tricks?
JM: There are some great finds to be had at the higher end thrift stores in the Bay area-many times the articles haven’t even been worn! For example, yesterday I went to one of the Salvation Army’s premier boutiques (on West Portal) and picked up two great leather belts (one still with its original price tag), a great shirt by English Laundry and a fun Nicole Miller scarf. Total price for all that? $43!! The shirt alone would have cost more than twice that in a retail store.
Q: Who has the best look in Hollywood?  Why?
JM: The best look in Hollywood at the moment? Hmmm… hard to say…but George Clooney is usually pretty classic. And, you’ll notice that his clothes always fit!
Q: What are the three must haves for all men?
JM: The three fashion must-haves for all men: A pair of white jeans and a simple black V-neck sweater. They go with everything! And, a great pair of simple leather loafers. They can go with any look from shorts to jeans to a suit.
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