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It's Great to Be Here

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I am delighted to be joining Northern California Grantmakers at this moment in time. NCG has a long and distinguished pedigree. Many of the leading thinkers in philanthropy founded and have helped shape our organization over the years. We have a history of achievement about which we all can be proud.

NCG is comprised of members who represent a diverse array of philanthropic interests and philosophies. But we all have one thing in common: we come to work wanting to make the world a better place, and we’re all looking for tools and approaches to see that aspiration to fruition. NCG is more than a membership association. We are a community of dedicated, passionate individuals and organizations committed to stewarding our resources to improve the lives of individuals and families, and to strengthening the communities and culture that are the DNA of our region.

NCG is committed to building this community among our members and within our region.  We are building individual and collective capacity so that we and our colleagues have the necessary tools to do our best work, convening stakeholders to discuss critical issues and opportunities, and catalyzing collaborative engagement within our sector and with government, business, and community partners to achieve and amplify the change we are seeking.

At the root of our charge is to understand deeply what our members aspire to, and to develop effective approaches to help you achieve those aspirations. We are committed to engaging with you directly to identify new ways to leverage the power of association to advance shared goals and address the critical issues about which we care deeply.

I have devoted much of the first part of my tenure conferring with members and other key stakeholders who are involved with NCG.  I am struck by the energy and commitment you bring to the issues you are confronting in your philanthropic work, and by your hopes for the future.  I have appreciated your guidance about how we can work in partnership to help advance shared goals. These consultations – and our commitment to ongoing, bi-lateral communication about the work we are all doing together – will remain an ongoing priority for me and other members of the NCG team going forward.

We are stronger than the sum of our parts. Together we have the capacity to leverage our vision, wherewithal, knowledge, resources, and capacity to achieve outcomes far greater than if we go it alone.

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Annual Conference, and to continuing to share NCG’s vision and plans with you in the coming months.


Ellen LaPointe
President and CEO
Northern California Grantmakers