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Invest in Integrity: Rejoining Soul and Role

Monday, January 11, 2016

By Kate Seely, NCG's Member Engagement Consultant

“When we understand integrity for what it is, we stop obsessing over codes of conduct and embark on the more demanding journey toward being whole.” -Parker J. Palmer in a A Hidden Wholeness.

The Heart of Philanthropy retreat is back. NCG is a community of individuals committed to positively impacting the world, whether that be locally, regionally, or globally. This is no small task! And yet, this is the work we are doing every day.

This work can be taxing, gratifying, challenging, inspiring, all even in one day. We believe that in order to keep doing this work, with an open and creative mind, and committed heart and soul, we must not only invest in the communities we are trying to serve, but in ourselves as well. If we’re in this for the long haul, we must do the work that prepares us to be happy and joyful, fulfilled and aligned along the way.

That’s why NCG is partnering with Leading from Within, an organization that invests in social change leaders by developing, nurturing and connecting us. Ken Saxon, founder, president, and facilitator shared in an interview with GEO: “If [more established leaders] want to make a lifelong career of this kind of work, they need to learn to care for and invest in themselves in a way that sustains their commitment, vision and effectiveness. When…leaders lose that edge, everyone in and around their organization suffers.”

This isn’t the first time NCG has co-hosted a Heart of Philanthropy retreat, and we are excited to bring it back. One participant said that the value of the program is in getting distance from the day-to-day pressures and demands and having an opportunity for reflection and exploration.

It’s a, "Space to connect with your peers and connect with your inner self, your true purpose and center in work and life in a profound and peaceful way, away from distractions. A supportive environment where new opportunities and possibilities present themselves to you.”

“It is a once in a lifetime experience to look deep inside yourself and reconnect and recharge for our work and continued journey.”

Another participant remarked, “The retreat helps one focus on refreshing or resetting given the various pulls and pushes of the field…. Something that often we ask our grantees to do, [so it] makes sense to [make] time for ourselves to have the same experience.”

This relationship between the personal and professional is not to be underrated in our field. We are mission-driven people working in a mission-driven field. The Heart of Philanthropy not only makes space for both, it intentionally bridges them—a true bridge results in wholeness and integrity. Ken explains of the retreat, “The group model is the ‘circle of trust,’ which is taught by the Center for Courage and Renewal, based on the writings [and teachings] of Parker J. Palmer. The ideal of rejoining 'soul and role' allows participants to become passionate and energized about their work again."

JOIN US. If this is the right moment for this type of work in your life, you will not be disappointed. 


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