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Introducing NCG's Policy Goals and Committee

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Today, NCG is once again bearing philanthropy’s voice in the region’s policy interests.  

Northern California Grantmakers members are grappling with complex issues in a diverse and rapidly-changing region. We recognize that policy is a powerful tool to advance significant and sustained change and improve outcomes. We believe we have a mandate to advocate for policy-based approaches to achieve shared goals.

NCG has appointed a stellar Policy Committee to advocate for smart, effective policies to advance shared impact goals. The Committee will tap NCG staff, collaborators, and expert advisors to educate policy makers and thought leaders about the value of philanthropy, and catalyze engagement and collaboration between NCG members, public officials, foundations and community stakeholders to advance policy-based approaches to achieving the change we seek in the world.

Through our policy work, NCG seeks to:

  • Equip our member community with tools, information, and skills to strengthen advocacy and policy capacity and engagement within their own philanthropic institutions and in the nonprofit organizations they support;
  • Build enduring relationships of trust between philanthropy and policymakers;
  • Support policy-based efforts to strengthen and protect the philanthropic sector;
  • Collaborate with members, local community partners, and statewide collaborators to advance policy initiatives that address targeted local and state issues; and
  • Respond effectively and collectively to proposed policies that are contrary to shared values, principles, and goals.

Guiding Principles

The following goals guide us in our policy work:

Goal 1: Address barriers to equity and social justice that result in disparities of access to opportunity.

Goal 2:  Preserve and strengthen the philanthropic sector as a vehicle for impact.

Goal 3: Sustain the vital infrastructure, support frameworks, and culture that form the backbone and character of our region.

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