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Introducing the 2nd Episode of CCJFG’s Podcast: Funding the Yes: Crimmigration

Thursday, August 18, 2022

CCJFG is excited to share the second episode of our Funding the Yes podcast on Crimmigration. 

Funding the Yes asks the question: What does funding the yes look like within intersectional aspects of social and racial justice movements? Through conversations amongst funders and movement partners, we focus on strategies to fund building a more just future for our communities and ending systems of injustice. 

This episode focuses on the intersections of immigration, criminalization and imprisonment and the role of funders in creating trust with community partners. It features movement leaders, Guerline Jozef, the Founder and Executive Director of Haitian Bridge Alliance, Lian Cheun, Executive Director of Khmer Girls in Action, Sandy Valenciano, Campaigns and Organizing Director of Urban Peace Movement, as well as a conversation between Angie Junck, Director of the Human Rights program of the Heising-Simons Foundation and Sandy Chiang, Senior Program Manager with The California Endowment. Erin Talbert Brust of Heising-Simons Foundation moderates this episode. 

This episode challenges us to confront philanthropy’s role in unfairly asking our movement partners to prove the impacts of trauma on their communities and asks us to consider how we can be change agents within our organizations.  

You can listen through CCJFG’s YouTube Channel.

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