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On the Importance of Holidays and Celebrations

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

By Ellen LaPointe
President and CEO


Last Wednesday NCG members and our partners gathered for a festive and lively holiday party. We celebrated one another, gave thanks for a job well-done in the past year, and enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful evening.  

But it was more than a party. We need time together like this to ground ourselves in community, inspire and celebrate one another, and fuel up for the work ahead. Gatherings like these help ensure that we are energized and ready to take on tough challenges together – essential ingredients for impact.

In the coming months we will all be called upon to play a critical and bold leadership role as we seek to preserve the advances we have made to support healthy, thriving, and just communities, and push for more progress. There is so much to do, and – even as we confront significant challenges together – so much to look forward to.
NCG is entering 2017 stronger than ever, with new assets, new partnerships, and a burgeoning, extraordinary community of deeply committed members. The timing could not be better in light of major changes afoot. We have what it takes. We are up to the task.

All of us at Northern California Grantmakers wish you and your family a lovely and rejuvenating holiday break. We look forward to returning to our work with you in the new year revitalized and ready to roll.

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