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How We Engage in Policy Advocacy

Thursday, October 19, 2017

By Cecilia Chen, Manager, Public Policy, Northen California Grantmakers

From immigration to affordable housing to criminal justice reform, the list of policy engagement opportunities for NCG keeps growing. Many urgent and important issues affect our region. To help us assess the greatest good that might come of our efforts, we have convened a policy committee and established a process to help us identify when, where and how we engage in policy advocacy.

We identify potential policy opportunities through our work with members, partner organizations, and ongoing NCG projects. Opportunities may present themselves in a variety of forms – such as support for a local advocacy campaign or opposition to a piece of state legislation. The most promising opportunities will advance NCG’s mission, areas of focus, policy goals or — ideally — all three. 

Before undertaking any action, we seek the advice and input of our policy committee and, at times, our board of directors. The policy committee informs and advises NCG’s public policy work, helping to identify and evaluate opportunities to impact key issues. Reflecting NCG’s diverse membership, policy committee members are committed to expanding philanthropy’s role in advocating for policies to address critical issues affecting Northern California. 

We are mindful of our responsibility in representing philanthropy’s voice during these challenging times. We believe this process will help us judiciously navigate the policy opportunities ahead — seizing the right ones while stepping back from others. 

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