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Health Equity is About More Than Just Health

Monday, March 30, 2015

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: No issue is an island.

What do we mean? Well, I’ll quote an earlier NCG blog post:

While individual grantmakers may focus on specific issues in order to strengthen their work, the fact remains that societal issues are interconnected by the very fabric of society–the people whose lives are not lived in silos but in the real world where multiple factors often overlap to create a complex and multifaceted social dynamic.

In other words, communities and individuals intersect with a variety of issues on a daily basis. And health equity is a great example of how no issue is an island.

Health intersects with various communities:

  • immigrants
  • women and girls
  • veterans
  • boys and men of color
  • seniors
  • LGBTQ community
  • and many more

And health equity intersects with various issues such as:

  • healthy communities
  • homelessness
  • the safety net
  • the environment
  • public policy

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What does health equity really mean?  Why is it important across California's vibrant communities? How can funders incorporate a health equity framework into their current portfolio?

We hope you’ll join us at the upcoming NCG program Health Equity: Achieving Quality Health for All People on April 16 for an interactive discussion on health equity.