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Healing Humanity | A Poem and Performance by Ayanna Albertson

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

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Did you attend our Annual Conference? Whether you watched it live or want to relive it, the performance by Ayanna Albertson was one to remember. Her original poem for the NCG community reflects on the truths of what philanthropy must acknowledge so that together, we can find the hope of humanity.  You can read her poem below and watch her performance by clicking the button above.

by Ayanna Albertson, writer, spoken word poet, a(rt)dvocate, believer

We live in a world of depth and diversity
of broad possibility
And endless opportunity 
And still,
Somehow we have managed to minimize our potential 
To prey on the impoverished
And bask in our abundance
We serve selfishness on a platter 
Forget to give folks a fair share
And have the nerve to call everyone equal 
There is a message here 
And it won’t always be to everyone's liking
Won't satisfy their ego 
Might taste a little bitter if they’re not used to humble pie 
But feel free to feast on this 
Truth is,
Ally ship is not a costume to remove when it benefits you to do so 
To disassociate when solidarity threatens the safety of your convenience 
We do not seek conditional comrades 
Those who fight to feel good about themselves and not for the freedom of others 
Humanity has always been about collective compassion
Even when society seem more like compartmentalization
It is knowing that some things may make you feel uncomfortable 
How critical it is to confront our biases 
To know 
That community extends beyond the neighborhood you live in
Or the people you consider common 
How it is constructive
And caring
And critical when need be 
It is a seed
Worthy of nurturing
Of commitment and kindness
And who are we to neglect the growth of others
To call ourselves good and then prosper off our greed 
It is our duty to strengthen those who struggle
To eliminate the margins and expand the means 
It is not enough to stand beside if the oppressed still must suffer alone 
How some folks don’t have a home to go home to
or a glimpse of hope to hang on to 
And I am tired of tip-toeing around the truth 
How it’s impossible to pick yourself up from the bootstraps if you keep being robbed of your boots
So I petition we be privy to the privilege 
Address the discrimination in the dispersement of dollars 
Breakdown the barriers of bigotry between us 
We must hold each other accountable
Resew the fabric of our nation 
support the systems that support the people
And acknowledge the beauty in our differences
We are capable of this cleansing
Of revision and rehabilitation
Together we can find the hope of humanity
If we simply start the search within ourselves
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