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Global Chase Bank Team takes on Bay Area’s Nonprofit Displacement Challenge

Thursday, November 7, 2019
Photo L-R: Sarah Frankfurth, NCG; Rachel Grinhaff, JPMC (London); Saul Ettlin, Community Vision; Brandi Karlstedt, JPMC (Luxembourg); Andrea Papanastassiou, Community Vision; Bernice Wang, JPMC (Hong Kong); Vera Moore, JPMC; Robert Hurley, JPMC (San Francisco)

What do you get when you set four top-performing bankers from Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, and San Francisco on a three-week sprint to map the next leg of the Bay Area’s efforts to secure space for its prized nonprofits? A welcome strategy for shoring up resources, a gentle nudge away from the usual suspects, and a snazzy PowerPoint to show the way.

NCG’s Nonprofit Displacement Project recently hosted a team from the JP Morgan Chase Bay Area Service Corps for a deep dive into strategies to stabilize nonprofits. They developed a roadmap for our Community Space Solutions project– a sustainable, real estate holding entity for affordable, permanent nonprofit space, and nonprofit real estate ownership.

Community Space Solutions is gearing up for implementation, together with Community Vision and other partners. The new roadmap will guide the way. 

We sat down with team member Bernice Wang, Regional Human Resources Business Partner, JP Morgan Chase, Hong Kong – to hear her impressions of nonprofit life in the Bay Area.

What drew you to participate in the JPMC Service Corps?

BW: I’ve been in my field of work since I graduated from college and thought it’d be really interesting to try something that could be completely different from my regular job. Also, the strong element of social, nonprofit engagement was exceptionally attractive to me as I’d always been curious about working in a nonprofit environment and devoting my time to a meaningful social cause.

What did you learn during the project with NCG that most surprised or excited you?

BW: Homelessness is probably a well-known problem throughout the world (to different extents depending on where we come from) but I was never triggered to think about how rising real estate costs could likewise impact smaller businesses and nonprofits in the same way – after getting to know and understand what Community Space Solutions is all about within the three  weeks we were on the ground, it’s such a logical and implementable solution and I’m really excited to witness the roadmap and communications strategy that our team has developed come to life in the near future.

What will you take back from this experience to your regular work?

BW: Being immersed in a completely foreign, unknown topic and yet being able get up to speed with immense focus and great teamwork is truly a fruitful experience – I hope to bring back with me this attitude and realization that we can do so much more and really create impact with our actions, so that I can be even more effective and influential in my day job as a HR professional.

What did you like best about being in the Bay Area for three weeks?

BW: I love the warm culture of the Bay Area and the skies are always filled with the most beautiful hues I’ve ever seen – we sometimes take these little things for granted but I will miss seeing this every day!

NCG extends its appreciation to the JPMC Service Corps team for their time, expertise, and good humor!