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Get on the Map: What, Why, How?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NCG is excited to be one of 19 regional associations partnering with the Foundation Center to develop a nation-wide mapping tool that will help funders see where their money is going, who else is funding the issues they care about, and identify gaps. With just a few clicks, Foundation Maps will show you who is funding what and where—around our region. But before Foundation Maps is launched, we all need to “Get on the Map.”

What is “Get on the Map”?

The goal of “Get on the Map” campaign is simple: To boost the availability of rich grants data—for and about funders in our region.  Data that’s delivered to you through a wonderful new tool called Foundation Maps—a highly interactive and searchable mapping platform.

Why Should I Participate?

If you want to see your work have a greater impact, you have to be strategic. A mapping tool like Foundation Maps will provide you with the information you need to do just that.

However, a mapping tool is only as good as the information provided. In order to create a robust tool, we need data. Your data.

By submitting your grantmaking data, your participation helps build the data infrastructure for philanthropy in our region. AND, by participating you’ll have access to the mapping tool to view your data.

How Do I Submit My Data?

Glad you asked.

The Foundation Center is making this process as painless as possible AND they’re willing to do the heavy lifting in order to encourage foundations to participate. All they’re asking for is that you export a complete list of your most recent grants in Excel and send it to them.

Learn More at the Webinar

While we have instructions on how to submit on the NCG website, you can also participate in an upcoming webinar hosted by the Foundation Center on February 3rd.

Ready, Set, "Get on the Map!" is a free webinar that will provide an overview of the “Get on the Map” campaign and how your foundation will be able to access the Foundation Maps mapping tool for FREE!

Learn more and register for the webinar.