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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Around this time last year, national foundation leadership underwent a major transition. In this Chronicle of Philanthropy article from January 2014 [login required], Doug Donovan notes that, “ A dozen of the nation’s 30 wealthiest foundations—including Gates, Ford, and Kellogg—are making way for new leaders in what may be the most significant leadership change in philanthropy in decades.”

This is the same trend we’re currently seeing here in the Bay Area. Change in leadership— including retirements, transitions and promotions—has been a theme for Bay Area foundations.

All this change in executive leadership makes us wonder. Why now? What does this mean for philanthropy? Who are the new CEOs and how will they change philanthropy?  What can we learn from former CEOs?

To answer these questions, NCG is hosting a discussion, and you’re invited. Come join us on Wednesday, January 21st to hear from eight foundation CEOs, former and current, on their personal journey.

We’ll begin our conversation by talking first to the CEOs who’ve transitioned to new executive positions or who’ve recently retired. NCG’s new President and CEO Ellen LaPointe will moderate this part of the conversation in what will be her very first NCG program. Following that discussion, NCG’s newly elected Board Chair Diane Parnes will moderate a second conversation featuring CEOs who are stepping into executive roles for the first time.

This event will be an engaging conversation with leaders and followed by a celebration of leadership in our community. And by “celebration” we mean that the program will be followed by a networking reception.  


Register and learn more about the upcoming NCG program Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: A Conversation and Celebration with New and Former CEOs.