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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Discussion around grantee overhead costs and capacity building is timely. Programs need to be funded, but finance, fundraising and communications are all pieces of the total costs which are often under invested. In an upcoming program, Beyond the Grant: Solutions for Building Nonprofit Excellence, we will showcase two capacity building initiatives that strengthened leadership teams in these areas. The events will include discussion with The Wallace Foundation (TWF) and Tipping Point Community (TPC) as well as grantees that participated in the initiatives and capacity building partners.

We are partnering with FMA, an organization who makes it their mission to work with nonprofits and foundations to help them develop the capacity they need to fulfill their missions more effectively and efficiently. We are giving the Bay Area two opportunities to interact with other funders with a San Francisco program September 15, 2015 and a program in the South Bay October 8, 2015.

Two initiatives, The Skills to Pay the Bills and FACT(Fundraising and Communications Training) from The Wallace Foundation and Tipping Point Community are perfect examples of support past the grant money and into impact. The Center for Effective Philanthropy series Providing Assistance Beyond the Grant highlights TWF and its rationale for necessary, extra assistance.


Learn more about the exemplary speakers and resources for the upcoming programs.