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Funders for LGBTQ Issues on Indiana & Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination: What Does It Mean For Funders?

Friday, April 3, 2015

All eyes have been on Indiana recently with passage of a bill which allows LGBTQ discrimination under the guise of religious freedom and the national backlash that followed. Funders for LGBTQ Issues has released a statement outlining what the bill—and others like it—means for foundations.

...These dangerously vague bills could not only support discrimination against LGBT people, but also against people of color and, ironically, people of faith. Similar legislation has been used to erode the reproductive rights of women and families, and their access to basic healthcare.

Moreover, there is still no federal law to protect LGBT people from discrimination. Lesbian, gay and bisexual people can be fired, evicted, or denied service in 29 states simply because of their sexual orientation. Transgender people lack explicit statutory protections in 31 states.

The states where LGBT people lack basic protections—and where special religious exemptions are being proposed—are also the states where LGBT communities are the most under-resourced. Less than $112,000 in total foundation funding was devoted to supporting Indiana’s LGBT communities in 2013. That amounts to only 61 cents per LGBT adult in the state. LGBT communities in Arkansas received less than $25,000, or about 29 cents per LGBT adult. LGBT leaders in states like Indiana and Arkansas are working hard to meet the basic needs of LGBT communities while fighting anti-LGBT legislation—with minimal resources.

Read the full statement for examples of "ways you can work to support LGBT communities in the face of this renewed attack on equality for all."