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FroYo with a CEO: Interview with David Greco

Monday, November 17, 2014

FroYo with a CEO is a video interview series featuring NCG’s summer intern Carmen Ross, as she uses the persuasive powers of frozen yogurt to get foundation leaders to open up about their life both in and outside of the office.

What advice would you give to young philanthropists today? How did you get started in philanthropy? These are a couple of the questions that I’ll be asking various CEO’s over a cup of frozen yogurt in a new short interview segment called FroYo with a CEO. In my fourth installment of FroYo with a CEO I interviewed NCG's very own Interim President and CEO David Greco.

In this episode of FroYo with a CEO you'll learn how David got started in this field, hear him describe his leadership style, and discover that he's the only head of a regional association of grantmakers who has tattoos. 

FroYo with a CEO: Interview with David Greco from NorCalGrant on Vimeo.


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