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FroYo with a CEO: Interview with Bill Somerville

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

FroYo with a CEO is a video interview series featuring NCG’s summer intern Carmen Ross, as she uses the persuasive powers of frozen yogurt to get foundation leaders to open up about their life both in and outside of the office.

What advice would you give to young philanthropists today? How did you get started in philanthropy? These are a couple of the questions that I’ll be asking various CEO’s over a cup of frozen yogurt in a new short interview segment called FroYo with a CEO. In my first FroYo with a CEO video, I interviewed Bill Somerville. Not only is Bill the President and Founder of the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, he’s also the director of my internship. In this interview, you’ll hear how Bill got started in Philanthropy, what he considers his greatest successes and how staff at foundations should “get out and stretch the mind”.



About Carmen Ross

NCG summer intern Carmen Ross recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Social Welfare. At NCG she is working closely with our new Manager of Collaborative Philanthropy Michelle Bermudez.

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