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F.A.Q.s: NCG's Expanded Membership Eligibility

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NCG recently expanded membership eligibility and restructured membership dues. Here are the answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

Still have burning questions? Contact NCG at memberservices[at]ncg[dot]org.

Q: Why did NCG expand its membership?

A: As NCG works to increase the effectiveness of philanthropy, we recognize that having the “right people on the bus” mean having more than just grantmakers at the table. The challenges facing our communities are complex, entrenched and interconnected.  And developing the necessary solutions to these challenges will require having government, business leaders, public policymakers, nonprofits, local community leaders and grantmakers all working together towards real world impact.

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Q: How does this membership eligibility expansion fit in NCG’s new strategic direction?
A: In 2014 NCG has been advocating the power of working collaboratively.  We have reached out to new partners and collaborated in new and uncharted ways. Now the time is right to for us to look at ourselves and to fundamentally change what it means to be a membership-based regional association of grantmakers.

As a result, we’ve taken a long look at NCG’s membership eligibility and criteria and the NCG Board has approved a ground-breaking expansion of our membership.

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Q: Who is eligible for membership under the expanded criteria?


  • Private independent foundations
  • Private family foundations
  • Public foundations
  • Corporate foundations
  • Corporations with community giving programs
  • Operating foundations
  • Giving circles
  • Population focused funds
  • Government
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Governmental entities (department, agencies, city, county, state or federal)

NEW! Individuals:

  • Individual donors
  • Philanthropic advisors
  • Philanthropic Consultants

NEW! Nonprofits and Academic Institutions:

  • Nonprofit intermediary organizations whose primary function is to strengthen the nonprofit and/or philanthropic sector(s)
  • Academic institutions that provide research

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Q: Why did NCG restructure its dues?

A: For the past 10 years NCG has kept membership dues at the same level. These new rates keep pace with our peer organizations and the increases in the costs of providing member programming.

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Q: How was the new dues structure determined?
A: NCG staff spent months researching how other regional associations structure their dues. Using that research, the new dues structure was designed with feedback from our Board and Membership Committee.

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Q: Are individuals eligible for NCG membership?
A: Yes. If you are a philanthropic consultant who provides programmatic management to organizations that meet NCG’s membership criteria, an Individual Donor, or a Philanthropic Advisor, you can join NCG as an individual member.

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Q: How do government funders join?
A: NCG encourages cities/counties to join on behalf of its multiple departments and agencies.

If your city/county does not join NCG, your department or agency can still join and will pay dues per our organizational dues structure for grantmakers