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Equity Communicator Joins NCG’s Cohort Faculty Lineup

Thursday, October 25, 2018

NCG is pleased to welcome stellar communications pro Vanice Dunn, Director of Equity at communications design firm Provoc to join the faculty of NCG’s upcoming communications cohort for mid-career professionals. Only three spots remain. NCG members and affinity-group peers who are interested are encouraged to submit an application today.

Doing Away with Assumptions: Equity-Driven Communications

By Vanice Dunn

What would it feel like to be asked about the support you need to fully excel in your position? What if those requests guided the curriculum of a custom-made cohort for you and your peers? That is what we are doing with the 2019 Communications Cohort at NCG. I’m honored to join the faculty to pilot a new way of approaching professional development, rooted in true, articulated needs as opposed to assumption-based programming.

As Director of Equity at Provoc, a creative and strategic communications firm, I’ve learned through both my work and my lived experience that equity must be a through-line of everything we say, do, and create. Acknowledging this truth, our cohort will be rooted in a thoughtful understanding and integration of the emerging best practices of racial and social equity communications. My approach to this work is rooted in the belief that the most equitable and inclusive communications are developed through equitable and inclusive processes. We should constantly be asking ourselves, who is in the room, who has decision-making power, whose voices and experiences should be centered, how can we avoid making assumptions? Philanthropy is key to equity. It holds great power, and responsibility, to be more thoughtful, inclusive, and equitable.

I am thrilled to share space with this stellar cohort of communicators as we learn, share, and grow together, embodying our vision for a more vibrant future.

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