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Devastation in Texas: Unfolding Impact

Monday, August 28, 2017

UPDATE: August 31, 2017

The long-term costs of the storm are likely to exceed $30 billion when impacts on agricultural, energy, and labor sectors are accounted for, and full recovery will take years. An estimated 99,500 residential homes may be affected, out of 2.2 million across 19 counties.

Approximately 300,000 people in Texas are without power, and 142 shelters are open in and around affected areas. At least 30 people have died as a result of the storm. The Coast Guard and rescue teams continue to work to rescue people stranded by the storm. 

Funders are encouraged to look not only at immediate needs but at recovery as well; funding needs are often greatest during the long, slow process of community rebuilding when the disaster has faded from the headlines and the immediate outpouring of support has ended.”

How Donors Can Help

The “Hurricane Harvey Recovery: How Donors Can Help” webinar on August 29, 2017, gathered several expert panelists to discuss catastrophic flooding in Texas and Louisiana, and how to allocate resources—human, financial, and technical—to meet the needs of Hurricane Harvey-affected communities. The webinar discusses recovery challenges and opportunities. Watch the Webinar >

For information on how to help those impacted by the storm, you can visit the following:

Hurricane Harvey struck southeastern Texas on Friday, August 25, 2017. Now as Tropical Storm Harvey, it continues to devastate the region with epic flooding in Houston and beyond, impacting millions of people. Harvey is the first major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) to make landfall in more than 20 years. Reports of the storm echo those from Hurricane Katrina, with residents stranded on rooftops to escape rapidly rising waters, dramatic rescues, and untold levels of destruction. FEMA estimates that Harvey is the worst disaster Texas has ever experienced and that recovery will take many years.

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Join the Council on Foundations and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy for a webinar to learn more about the impact of the storm and how the philanthropic community is responding.  

Hurricane Harvey Recovery: How Donors Can Help | REGISTER > 
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 
Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm (PST)
Location: Webinar