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Deciphering the California Budget

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wondering if you have the mad skills needed to make heads or tails of the 2015/2016 California budget?

Don’t worry.

NCG’s annual California Budget Project program is right around the corner. And as usual, we’re bringing together experts to do the deciphering for all of us.

Why the Budget?

Well, as you know the budget will affect both the Bay Area and the entire state as it spells out how the state will be spending its funds. Understanding the budget allows you to make smarter grantmaking decisions. It helps you comprehend what the communities you care about will need in the coming year.

Expert Speakers

Once again NCG has invited the Executive Director of the California Budget Project Chris Hoene to provide a fiscal and policy analysis of the budget. Chris will provide a high-level analysis of the Governor's 2015-16 proposed Budget—it’s social and economic context. He’ll also outline the policy choices and outcomes that are likely to emerge in this year's budget deliberations.

Following Chris will be a discussion with San Francisco's Budget Director Kate Howard and President and CEO of United Ways of California Peter Manzo who will provide insights on the implication of the budget on nonprofits, local communities, and government.

(Aspiring) Policy Wonks Unite

Join us February 12th at Paying it Forward? The 2015/2016 California Budget Review to hear insights about the 2015/2016 California budget, as well as hear a nonprofit and government leaders discuss the ramifications  the proposed budget will have herein the Bay Area and statewide.