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The Countdown to CPI Has Begun!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Time is running out! The countdown has begun for the 2015 Corporate Philanthropy Institute–as you can see above, CPI is only 26 days away! 

This year's theme Authenticity is all about doing good in the world in a thoughtful and strategic manner. It's about leveraging the variety of resources that companies have at their disposal in service of the public good. From sessions about Advancing Diversity  to Authentic Partnerships to CSR Strategy & Global Philanthropy, we'll be talking about, exploring, and sharing the latest and greatest on the corporate philanthropy landscape. You will also have the opportuniy to hear from a range of companies and leading thinkers on communications, CSR, strategy and global philanthropy.

Are you ready to spend the day with other corporate philanthropy professionals?

Have you seen the breakout session desciptions? Which ones are you going to attend?

Did you see the list of speakers? Have you heard Marina Gorbis is our Opening Plenary?

Don't worry, if you want to learn what is really happening in corporate philanthropy and CSR, you you still have time to register. You won't want to miss it!