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Countdown to the Conference Has Begun

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


From the 49ers to the fact that our city is 7 x 7 miles—the number 49 has special significance in San Francisco. And today, the number 49 has very special meaning for NCG staff…we’re officially 49 days out from the 2015 Annual Conference.

That’s right 49 days. Which is about 7 weeks.

And we know you’ve heard us say more than once that staff are exciting and working hard at this year’s conference. In fact, we’re going to have more to share later this week.

But maybe you need a bit of a sneak peek. So here are 7 behind-the-scenes insights into the 2015 NCG Annual Conference planning process.

1. NCG staff convened a volunteer ad hoc committee of members to pour over the PhilTalk proposals last week. We spent about 2 hours talking through all of them and determining which ones will be part of the Annual Conference. Next, NCG staff will be working closely with PhilTalk presenters to finalize their presentations.

2. Staff has been holding focus group calls with members to help shape our morning breakouts. And due to busy schedules those potential focus groups have turned into numerous one-on-one calls with members. Thanks to our members, we’re finding focuses for each morning breakout and covering a range of issue areas.

3. Yesterday NCG staff battled it out over the swag for the annual conference. Everyone had a different swag favorite.  And in a very Nash equilibrium moment, we came to an agreement. Hey, it’s the little things.

4. We’re actually commissioning Youth Speaks poets to write original work inspired by the conference themes. And writing those prompts for the poets was a lot of fun for our resident writer on staff. We can’t wait to see what the poets produce. Later in May we’ll have a chance to see the first draft.

5. The raffle we held for a free registration to the Annual Conference was a staff brainwave—completely spontaneous idea that popped up when staff was wondering how to motivate members to personalize their online profiles. We’ve decided to actually repeat this raffle in the future to continue motivating staff to update and personalize their profiles.

6. In addition to the myriad of phone calls with potential speakers and members, NCG staff have met in-person with our conference partners. We have another Conference Partner to announce and we plan to share more later this week.

7. And finally, we’ve been working diligently to secure some surprise speakers. Keep your eyes peeled—we hope to share more news soon.

There you have it, a peek behind the curtain. There’s a lot of work going on here at NCG in preparation for the Annual Conference. And soon we’ll be able to share more details, not only about speakers, but about the shape of the day and the content that we’re working closely with members to develop.

So don’t miss it! Register now for the 2015 NCG Annual Conference.