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Come One, Call All: NCG Open House & New Member Orientation

Monday, March 2, 2015

This March will mark my 2nd year anniversary at NCG. Before joining staff, I was a member for several years. I attended a few programs every year, but I didn't understand or take full advantage of everything NCG had to offer—beyond programs. Looking back now, I realize that I should've attended a New Member Orientation.

NCG is full of opportunities to learn and grow professionally, get connected with your philanthropic community and gain inspiration to create a better world. And, in the past two years, NCG has gone through significant changes and growth.

What are some new NCG programs planned for the year?  What does NCG mean by "Advisory Services"?  Why has NCG expanded its membership and who now qualifies? 

Come find out the answer the these questions and so much more at the NCG Open House and Membership Orientation on March 18th.

If you're new to NCG, interested in joining, or simply interested in coming to meet other NCG members and staff, then please join us later this month at the NCG office for our open house and new member orientation. We will have a brief NCG program followed by light refreshments and networking. 

I hope you can join us!