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In the Classroom: NCG Partners to Teach Effective Philanthropy to a New Generation

Friday, January 13, 2012

Like any President and CEO, NCG’s Colin Lacon has a full schedule. Yet, despite that workload Colin took on the charge of joining Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership Director Nora Silver to co-teach a college course at the Haas School of Business.

“Strategic Philanthropy: Real Money, Real Impact” is a course designed to teach participants how to be effective grantmakers. For one semester, students work towards better understanding the work of a grantmaker than to become one for a semester.

The class contributes $10,000 to nonprofit(s) selected by the class. To prepare for the contribution, students engage in interactive exercises and discussions to determine how to best expend the funds for maximum impact, guided by the instructors and renowned guests offering a variety of perspectives and frameworks. Students form teams to research and indentify, perform due diligence, and recommend nonprofit organizations. The $10,000 contribution is a generous gift of the Learning by Giving Foundation. —course description

What did the students think of the course? Check out this video created by the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership to learn more about the class and hear students give first-hand accounts of their learning experience.


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