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Call for Participants: How Funders Maximize Nonprofit Leadership Investments

Friday, September 4, 2015

Take the survey by September 9th!

The Bridgespan Group is conducting important research on how funders can maximize the impact of investments in leadership in the nonprofit sector, either through investments to support individuals (e.g., at grantee organizations) or to support programs/efforts across a field or sector.

Investments in leadership may include funding to support individuals (e.g., at your grantees) or to support programs/efforts across a field or sectors in the following categories:

  • Recruitment: support of efforts to find and attract new talent including scholarships internships, residencies, executive search support, etc.
  • Individual Development/Retention: support for development/retention of current employees, e.g. skill-based and leadership training, sabbaticals, awards/recognition, executive coaching, etc. 
  • Talent Management Infrastructure: building organizations' capacity to attract and develop talent through investments in personnel, systems, and/or technical assistance
  • Knowledge: creation/sharing of resources that address leadership and related topics

This survey asks questions about how your organization approaches making and evaluating investments in leadership, as well as about the types of leadership investments you have made across your organization over the past fiscal year.

Results will be completely anonymous, and participants who complete the survey will receive the final report.  
As NCG members, funders and consultants, your participation is key to accurate research.
Take the survery here by end of day, September 9, 2015