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Announcing Powerhouse Workshops | NCG's 2016 Annual Conference

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Power Lunch!

Choose your lunch breakout sessions and get strategies, tools, and methods to bring your own Power of Now back to the office.

Apply big ideas on culture, technology, race and gender equity, and wealth concentration into your own work.  Explore new approaches and practical applications to meet the opportunities and challenges of this historic moment head-on.

Check out the line up:

Communications and Culture: FAME

What moves people to action? Is the language of equity advancing the values that underpin it? What makes an effective narrative of change?

Join a workshop and discussion on the tools and strategies for effective communication in this tumultuous time. Leave with a clear idea on how to deploy values, problems, solutions and action to reach your audience so that they hear you.

On the Front Lines of Tech for Social Change: The Matrix

Technology is enabling social change at an unprecedented rate. People from around the globe can engage in social movements from Arab Spring to #BlackLivesMatter to the presidential campaigns. Join us to ask: How are social change leaders leveraging technology? How is the philanthropic community engaging this work? What are the limits of technology?

Philanthropy, Race and Gender: Freedom on My Mind

Changing demographics, movements for racial justice, polarized communities, mass incarceration of people of color and an economic imperative suggest that race and gender factor integrally in community well-being. Think through some of these issues and questions to develop an approach that is steeped in the NOW.

Economic Inequality: Inside Out

The economic downturn may seem like a distant memory in the wake of exploding prices for housing, rapidly changing neighborhoods, nonprofit displacement and residents locked out of the booming economy. Explore opportunities for funders to address gentrification and increase community stability, provide opportunities to participate in the growing economy and support residents as they migrate into new communities.


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