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Announcing Our 2015 Annual Conference PhilTalks

Thursday, May 7, 2015

NCG staff has put a lot of thought into designing this year’s annual conference content. The day is divided into 3 distinct sections:

  • Setting the Stage
  • Implications
  • Solutions

PhilTalks | Solutions

Earlier this year NCG put out a call for PhilTalk proposals. What’s a PhilTalk? A PhilTalk is a 15-minute presentation that explores an idea, solution or approach to a challenge we are confronting in our philanthropic work.  Think TedTalk, but for Philanthropy.

We’re pleased to announce the selected PhilTalks for our upcoming Annual Conference:

Addressing Race and Gender—Foundation CEOs Figuring it Out Together
With Boys and Men of Color as a case study, learn how foundation leaders can align their resources on issues of race and gender.

Changing the Immigration Narrative: Insights from Jose Antonio Vargas
From policy to grassroots organizing—what can funders do to support today’s immigrant movement as it redefines the American narrative?

Inequality is Bad for the People and Planet
Disadvantaged communities are hit first and worst by pollution and climate change. How can philanthropy leverage millions of dollars raised by California’s climate law for environmental and economic benefits in disadvantaged communities?

Is There a Secret Recipe for Measuring Impact?
How do we know what really works? Can creating a set of core metrics to apply across all grantees achieve the impact we desire?

Institutions Don't Have Needs, People Do
Investing for impact in new ideas and models of care with the potential to transform health care for the underserved.

The Next Level of Collective Impact: How it Can Transform Communities
With multiple Collective Impact efforts happening in your backyard, how do you coordinate to maximize success?

Real Outcomes. Real Cost. Are We Ready?
Looking for maximum impact with limited resources? A new approach might be the answer.

The Data DreamMake It a Reality

In the era of Big Data, how can we use information to shape our funding decisions?

Trust, Risk and Impact. Next Level Grantee/Funder Relationship
Listen to a funder and grantee discuss how they were able to evolve their relationship beyond the typical dynamic.

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