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Announcing NCG's New Partnership: National Center for Family Philanthropy

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
by Phuong Quach, Vice President of Member Engagement, Northern California Grantmakers

NCG is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP).

As NCG members, you will now receive access to NCFP’s monthly webinars for family giving. Additionally, NCFP has an extensive database of resources for philanthropic families and those that work with them in their online Knowledge Center. If you need help locating specific resources or are grappling with a particular issue in family giving, NCG staff can connect you with programmatic experts at NCFP to help identify resources and solutions. 

Each NCG member is able to create their own account on the NCFP website to access these new resources. Learn more about how to create your account here

We will promote NCFP’s programs, events, offerings, and resources in our Weekly Program Preview and our Together for Good e-magazine. Please be on the lookout and take advantage of the opportunities. Email me, Phuong Quach, at for more information or questions about our new partnership and this new membership benefit to you.                                              

Access to the Knowledge Center

NCFP’s  Knowledge Center has an enormous number of resources on family philanthropy. If you are looking for something specific, please reach out to Frances Monroe at who can help you find the most relevant pieces to the topic.  Here are some of our recent publications:

  • The Family Governance Pyramid: Enhancing and Guiding Your Family Philanthropy provides a model and framework for philanthropic families that is even more relevant and necessary today than when it was first introduced nearly two decades ago. This article provides some perspective on why, and how, families can apply this model to their family and philanthropy, for the good of all.
  • Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework provides practical guidance for families as they discuss succession and legacy. This guide and accompanying workbook offer strategies and stories from giving families, along with questions for reflection, to help bring a modern framework for legacy to life.
  • Demystifying Decision Making in Family Philanthropy examines the kinds of decisions that family foundations often face. This paper sets out practical, easy-to-apply guidelines for ensuring that decision-making methods vary appropriately as conditions and circumstances change. It includes factors to consider when selecting a decision-making method, guidance on how to communicate clearly, simple tools to help make good decisions, and short case studies that illustrate how the tools work.
  • Balancing Purpose, Payout, and Permanence (and its associated webinar, released in conjunction with the Council on Foundations) invites foundations to reflect more deeply on how they choose to balance four factors—purpose, conditions and trends, time horizons, and assets for mission.