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Announcing NCG's Great Debate

Thursday, March 7, 2019

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NCG’s Great Debate is returning to the main stage at this year’s Annual Conference. Two dynamic teams will vigorously argue for and against the thesis: Philanthropy has a leadership role to play in social change movements. This year’s debate will be moderated by co-host and KQED correspondent for The California Report, Lily Jamail. You, our audience, will decide which team prevails.

The YES Team

Fatima Angeles, Vice President of Programs at the California Wellness Foundation with Peter Long, Senior Vice President of Health Care and Community Transformation of  Blue Shield of California


The NO Team  

Carly Hare, National Director at Change Philanthropy with Cedric Brown, Chief of Community Engagement at Kapor Center

*Please note: these positions do not necessarily represent the views of our debaters or their foundations and organizations. No funders were harmed in the making of this production.