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Announcing NCG’s Annual Conference Emcee: NYT Writer Wesley Morris

Monday, February 12, 2018

This past year has given us all a lot to process – the Women’s March, #TakeAKnee, Charlottesville, #MeToo, and so much more.  Making sense of it all can feel like we’re swimming upstream. Luckily, cultural expert Wesley Morris, uses his finely tuned cultural sensors to help us locate our own place and make meaning of the moment we are living.

Wesley  Morris, critic-at-large at The New York Times and co-host of the podcast, “Still Processing” will emcee NCG’s 2018 Annual Conference | Together for Good. Wesley will guide us through and process, in real-time the question we’re asking of the day’s big thinkers—what’s it going to take to be part of the change we seek?

We’re excited to have Wesley Morris join us! Registration is now open. We hope you will join us too.

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