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Alliance for Justice Foundation Survey on Advocacy Grantmaking

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Alliance for Justice (AFJ) has launched a survey of private and public foundations to  learn about their advocacy grantmaking practices.
We hear repeatedly that nonprofit organizations lack both the financial resources and capacity to more fully and flexibly engage in advocacy. This is true even for those that consider themselves “advocacy” organizations.
That’s why we’re conducting a nationwide survey of private and public foundations to learn about how they support policy advocacy by their grantees.
The survey results will help AFJ better understand the grantmaking practices of foundations and the challenges they face in supporting advocacy. Their goal is to appreciate what funders need to become more comfortable with advocacy efforts, including how to better educate their trustees and staff, as well as how they are building the advocacy capacity of their grantees.
We will use the survey results to develop new resources and tools to lessen the gap between foundations’ current practices and the needs of their grantees. The results of the survey—challenges as well as successes—will be shared as a report and presented at various events to educate and inspire grantmakers about current practices for funding advocacy.
As an incentive, survey respondents will be entered into a drawing for either one (1) hour of tailored technical assistance for their organization or 50% off an AFJ webinar.
Help AFJ and the social sector better understand funding practices–-complete the survey today! Survey deadline is March 21st.
Learn more about the survey on AFJ’sblog.
Take AFJ’s 15 minute to complete this survey online.
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