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The 411 on NCG’s Conversations in Philanthropy a.k.a. Report Club

Friday, September 12, 2014

The first rule of report club: you have to talk while at report club.

All joking aside, here’s all you need to know about NCG’s new Conversations in Philanthropy Reading Group:

It was the Foundation Center’s Idea 
Our colleagues at the Foundation Center approached us with an idea inspired by the traditional book club model—bring funders together to discuss recent reports. Grantmakers don’t often have time to reflect on reports, but the report club would offer such an opportunity to do so with peers.

We Said Yes
Of course we want to partner with the Foundation Center. Not only do they have the expertise to lead the discussion, but when it comes to recent publications being generated by the field—the Foundation Center has its finger on the pulse.

September is Our Sophomore Program
That’s right. Our second Conversations in Philanthropy convening is September 30th. Here is your chance to read a ground-breaking report, discuss it with peers also interested in the topic AND give NCG feedback on how to make the report club a useful and productive experience.

The September Report is a Ground-Breaking Study
Yes, we’ve already said that, but it’s worth repeating. Where Do We Go From Here? Philanthropic Support for Black Men and Boys draws on eight years of grants data and twenty years of history to describe important trends in foundation funding for black men and boys.

The September Report is Also Highly Relevant
With the high profile White House initiative My Brother’s Keeper turning the spotlight to increasing outcomes for boys and men of color, this report is exactly what every funder should be reading.

See You There
If this blog post wasn't enough to tip the scales, you can learn more about the upcoming Conversations in Philanthropy convening on its event page.