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2015 Annual Conference: Announcing Our Partners

Monday, April 13, 2015

It’s less than 7 weeks until the 2015 Annual Conference and we are kicking our conference planning into high gear.

Meet Our Media Partner KQED

Great minds think alike.

When KQED kicked off its Boomtown series we knew we had to set up a conversation with the Bay Area's most well-known public media outlet.

We discovered that NCG and KQED have more in common than just an eye on the issues impacting our communities. We’re both interested in convening conversations about those issues—NCG with the philanthropic sector and KQED with community members. With this in mind, there is an amazing potential for a partnership between our two organizations.

We are thrilled to have KQED as our 2015 Annual Conference Media Partner. Not only are they bringing their deep knowledge of our communities, they’re ready to jump in and participate in our conference.

Here’s how:

Lunch Time Plenary
KQED’s Scott Schafer will moderate a conversation with community leaders on how the changes happening in the Bay Area are impacting individuals and communities.

Closing Plenary
KQED morning newscaster Joshua Johnson will interview socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell about race, politics here in the Bay Area for a fun and edgy ending to our annual conference.

Meet Our Conference Partner the Public Policy Institute of California

Content is king.

NCG wants to provide members with rich content about the issues impacting our communities. That’s why we’re partnering with the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)—a nonpartisan think tank based here in San Francisco.

PPIC is lending us some big brains—their researchers.

It turns out the morning breakouts NCG is planning for the annual conference mirror many of the issues highlighted in PPIC’s recent report California’s Future.

At the annual conference PPIC researchers will kick off each morning breakout session with a presentation by one of their researchers.

It goes without saying, but NCG is excited to have PPIC as our official Conference Partner.

We’ll be working in the next few weeks to finalize the morning breakout sessions with the help of the PPIC and many of our members.

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It bears repeating, the 2015 NCG Annual Conference is less than two months away. Don't msis out on what is shaping up to be an exciting, thoughtful and fun day. jWe'll have more exciting announcements of speaks and full conference agenda soon.

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