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2014 NCG Annual Conference: Save the Date for April 8th

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mark your calendars for April 8th!

This year NCG is giving its Annual Meeting a bit of a makeover. We can hardly wait to share all the details on this year’s conference. As staff works to finalize our speakers and schedule, we are excited to give members a glimpse of how NCG’s 2014 Annual Conference is shaping up.


In the past, NCG has looked at the changing philanthropic landscape to find an annual meeting topic. This year, however, we found inspiration in the transforming landscape of Bay Area communities.

Almost daily there is news about the shifting demographics brought on by income disparity here in the Bay Area. As segments of our local economy and society are thriving, other populations face new challenges brought on by that same success.

This very palpable and charged conversation is happening in media, at public hearings, and online. Recognizing that foundation grantees and the communities they serve are also feeling the effects of this economic atmosphere, it is clear that the issues surrounding income disparity in our communities and how it affects grantmaking cannot be ignored.

Be The Change

At the end of 2013, President Obama stated that the growing income disparity in our country is the defining challenge of our era. If income disparity is the defining challenge of our era and if Bay Area communities offer an index for how the effects of such disparity can unfold, how does Philanthropy respond?–this is the question we’ll explore at our Annual Conference.