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$10 Million from Microsoft to Upgrade Your World

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NCG member Microsoft announced its $10 million give-back campaign with the launch of Windows 10 last week. Nine global nonprofits have already been chosen and now Microsoft is allowing people to nominate the tenth organization using the hashtags #UpgradeYourWorld and #Vote.

"Giving back and supporting nonprofits is a cornerstone of our company culture. Microsoft and its employees collectively give thousands of hours, and donate more than $1 billion each year to nonprofit organizations around the world," Elisa Willman, Senior Manager Marketing Communications, Corporate Citizenship & Public Affairs for Microsoft told Forbes. “Microsoft is proud to work with more than 86,000 nonprofits around the world every year to provide them with affordable access to the technology they need to support their work in local communities, and to leverage technology to help them be more efficient, effective and innovative in doing their important work. Whether it is through our software donations, technology solutions for nonprofit problems, or Office 365 Nonprofit, we strive to help nonprofits do more good,” she added.

As funders, NCG members can participate and nominate their grantees for the last $500,000 grant plus Microsoft technology and services, by sharing with #UpgradeYourWorld in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.