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Why Support for Long-Term Harvey Recovery is So Vital

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“Housing, housing, housing.” That’s how Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner answered when recently asked about his priorities for this coming week. And with good reason, with tens of thousands still in emergency temporary shelters and an estimate of...

Upcoming NCG Speaker Max Stier Says...

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"...This is not the time for philanthropy to wait out current circumstances. Rather, foundations need to step up efforts to help safeguard the government’s viability and vitality." - Max Stier

The Full Cost Project: Funding for Impact

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This should be obvious, but it’s key for our sector: To deliver on their mission and sustain their good work over time, nonprofit organizations require the right mix of financial resources. Resources to pay the right people to get the job done well.

Why I Am Hopeful

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It all started with an email from a friend late last year. She said she was concerned about the tone of our politics and the direction in which our country was moving, and she wanted to do something to help. She was calling her senator, but she felt...
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