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NCG's Policy Work | Our Process

NCG’s policy process can be broken down into three key steps:

Identification of Policy Opportunities

Policy opportunities are identified through our work with members, partner organizations, and staff.  Opportunities may present themselves in a variety of forms – such as support for a local campaign or opposition to a piece of state legislation.  NCG staff assesses each opportunity for alignment with our mission, areas of focus, and/or policy goals.  Opportunities that do not sufficiently advance NCG’s mission, areas of focus or policy goals will not be brought to the Policy Committee for consideration.

Consideration by the Policy Committee

The Policy Committee, reflective of NCG’s diverse membership, is charged with informing and advising NCG’s public policy activities. NCG staff present policy opportunities that advance NCG’s mission, areas of focus, or policy goals to the Policy Committee with a recommended action.  In determining whether to move forward with a recommendation, the Policy Committee considers the following questions:

  • Will the involvement of NCG or its members meaningfully influence the outcome of the issue?
  • Is the initiative widely supported by NCG members and collaborative groups?
  • Are our trusted partners, colleagues, and advisors engaged?
  • Will our engagement build goodwill with our collaborative partners?
  • Are there any significant unintended consequences that may results from our engagement?
  • Do the potential benefits of engagement outweigh the potential consequences?

In certain situations, the Policy Committee may ask the NCG Board of Directors to advise the Committee on a specific recommendation.  A majority of the Policy Committee or Board of Directors is required to approve a policy recommendation. 

Implementation by NCG Staff

Once a recommendation has been approved, NCG staff implements the recommendation.  NCG staff regularly updates the Policy Committee, Board of Directors and NCG membership about policy positions and actions taken.